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    Default Discussion: Future of Mapsource?

    Garmin has changed the way you download map updates. Yyou have to let the map updater do it all at once AND keep your unit connected all the way.

    Here is the info that I read:

    quote "As someone else reported, Garmin has an entirely new installation process for this map. You start by downloading a 3MB updater, then run that. No more Download Manager as in the past.

    As the Updater starts, you're offered standard or advanced installation. I chose advanced and see that the default update setting for my nuvi 855 is to: 1) install all of North America and 2) to install to my GPS only. So I imagine that if you don't go with the Advanced option, your GPS will be updated but your computer and Mapsource will NOT. If true, and if you want the new map on your computer, go for Advanced and change the default to "install to GPS and computer."

    Interesting. By choosing to install to my GPS and computer, I'm warned that the download will take longer.

    Since my download process has just started, I may be wrong in this--but it appears that we no longer will have the executable 2GB file downloaded which can be saved on hard disk or to DVD-R for a future installation. If true, and if you have multiple Garmins under lifetime maps, it definitely appears that a download will be required for each unit--none of this "download once, then use the 2GB file to update all lifetimed nuvis you own." Updating multiple units will take longer from now on.

    It seems to me that this process is two fold:

    1. used as a form of enhanced anti-piracy rather than efficiency
    2. Garmin is moving toward "Basecamp" where Basecamp can access the map directly on the nuvi, while Mapsource installs the map on the PC.

    I wonder how the above move will affect us all?

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    Global Moderator Discussion: Future of Mapsource?
    Discussion: Future of Mapsource?
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    As much as I remember, original post was related to one of City Navigator updates (CN EU or CN NA)

    This new system is no longer downloading 2 GB exe file which could be then distributed, but downloads only files that are needed for updating specific system (device)
    New updater could be more effective in case someone does not need all files for updating (remember a, b, c releases of CN lately)
    In this cases updater downloads only files that are changed (checking MD5 checksum)

    As all this maps are sold as MapSource versions on DVD (CD), and MapSource program is developing, you don't have to worry about MapSource's future

    And, as you can see, these latest maps (that are using new updating system) were available on our forum before they were available officially at Garmin, and for now, there is no need to worry about it

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