Converting Garmin Waypiont to Nokia Landmark/Google Maps by adrian13

I (adrian13) have try GarminMobileXT, Google Maps and Nokia Maps, and i've found this fact:
1. Google Maps save favorite to Nokia Landmark app (this app available on most Nokia Symbian GPS handset)
2. Nokia Landmark data also appears on Nokia Maps
3. Garmin save its own waypoint as gpx files, which cannot detected by Google Maps and Nokia Maps, so we need to convert gpx file to lmx file.

This can be done by using free PC tool GPSBabel. GPSBabel converts waypoints, tracks, and routes between popular GPS receivers and mapping programs. It also has powerful manipulation tools for such data

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We need to locate gpx files first. There are two way to do this:
1. Open GarminMobileXT on your phone, choose Tools -> Manage My Data -> Manage -> export GPX. This will save and update your gpx file as e:\garmin\GPX\current.gpx. Transfer this file to PC via bluetooth or USB Cable.


2. If you have Mapsource software you can directly connect your phone to Mapsouce and transfer waypoints and then save those files as GDB file. GPSBabel also has ability to convert GDB file.


After you have done, open GPS Babel, you can now convert GPX or GDB to LMX (Nokia Landmark Excange) and save it anywhere to your phone


Next step, open LMX file that has been transferred on your phone, next you can choose Garmin waypoints you like to transfer to Google Maps/Nokia Maps and choose save



Your garmin waypoints finally appears on Google Maps or Nokia Maps


*Tested on Nokia 5800XM