Hello all,

I am not sure if it's a good place but I really need a help to please my future father in law.

He has Ford C-Max 2014 with Ford Sync 1.1. He has the SD card from bosch with TomTom maps. The maps are working in the car however are quite old so we want to update it.
So we created an account on the TomTom website, bought maps for Poland with 4 updates, installed TomTom home and our problems begin.

When we login on the TT application and put the card into the laptop slot the TT app does not find any new device.
When we choose update of the device it asks for the device connection.

So here I need a help, I couldn't find any contact to TT so maybe here I will find some experts.

If I have card from Bosch, I bought the maps via TT website, how can I update the maps on the card?

Thanks for every response! And sorry if my question is stupid