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    Moderator Speed cameras for Clarion Worldwide [SCDB.info]
    Speed cameras for Clarion Worldwide [SCDB.info]
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    autovelox Speed cameras for Clarion Worldwide [SCDB.info]

    Speed cameras for Clarion NAX963HD
    +++ 2019.04.09. +++


    clarion VRX868RVD EU

    Supported devices:
    VN868HD (VRX868RVD + NAX963HD)
    MN668HD (MAX668RVD + NAX963HD)

    Installation Guide:
    1.Please logon and click on the download centre button, click "Start download", and save the file "clarion.zip" on your hard drive.

    2.Please unzip the overlay with a suitable program - we recommend WINZIP - in a target folder of your choice on your computer.

    3.You find then a folder named "Clarion".

    4.Copy this folder to a USB-memory-stick.

    5.Connect this USB-memory-stick to your NAX963HD navigation system.

    6.Please select [Menu / Settings / Next / Import Data].

    7.Press the [Import] button to copy the files to the harddisk.

    If you want you can contact me directly on this site to improve our database.
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