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  1. TMC Receiver Advice
  2. How to make Igo 8 at work on Samsung Omnia Pro
  3. IGo 8 and HTC Touch HD
  4. Out of Memory
  5. IGo on SE Aino
  6. My pna have problem use PRIMO.
  7. Need iGO R3 Middle East Map 1Q 2010, please help me!
  8. Navigation for HTC wildfire
  9. Pioneer AV1 gps
  10. Ask for Tele A*las Map for Indonesian
  11. HELP Prestigio Geovision 3120
  12. iGo system, TMC configuration.
  13. Primo 9 language
  14. india map help me
  15. Help needed with Crypton S800 GPS Navigator
  16. Ιgo primo 1.2 version and GPS problem.
  17. Mauritius
  18. iGO primoŽ 2.0 Introduces Intuitive Navigation
  19. any1 have new speedcam file?(spud)
  20. Does anybody know where can i find sri lanka map fo igo8
  21. NavGear Street Mate GT-35-3D - Please help, problems with iGO map
  22. Quick Link Button to iGO Primo on HTC HD2
  23. Help with setting destination on igo 8
  24. Galaxy Ace
  25. iGO TMC problem
  26. Blackmore bpo-nav4
  27. fsp licence
  28. gpx export in primo android
  29. igo maps updating
  30. Bigger IGO 8
  31. Themechanger Android
  32. About iGO> what to do and what I need and want
  33. Are Name Changes Possible?
  34. Fatal Error occured in main thread - iGO Primo 2.4
  35. TEST in iGO Software: ONLY TEST HERE
  36. IGo 8 on my Chinese 7" in dash GPS
  37. REQUEST iGO Stuff "WinCe" "Iphone" "Android"
  38. "Failed to open: poi_group.spr Exiting application" - Primo 2.0
  39. IGO software for Chinese generic GPS
  40. Igo for navman f45 ?
  41. sound setting in igo primo international edition
  42. Problem Igo 8.3 on Mio C320
  43. Changed Warning distances
  44. REQ: Australia NQ stuff
  45. Question about Primo Music Player
  46. gps signal status
  47. map color change
  48. Hsp files
  49. speed camera warnings
  50. TMC on igo
  51. Help please!!!
  52. hema hn5i and hema hn6 skin for igo wanted
  53. speedcam data for North American?
  54. Vehicle Icon
  55. Can external GPS be used with Primo
  56. Using Openstreetmap on iGO8 in car navigation system
  57. Km/ph instead of Mph on approach to speedcam, how to change?
  58. Emulator
  59. iGO on Clarion MAP 770
  60. What GPS device would you recommend to buy
  61. Help ! speedcam canada
  62. Voice for igo Primo
  63. IGO navigation system for WP8 ( Windows 8 mobile )
  64. Navig[8]r C50 - has iGO8.3 installed. Can it be twiddled with?
  65. Voice instructions too low
  66. Igo Primo for Becker Active 45 PNA
  67. [SOLVED] How to manually enter the overview mode?
  68. [SOLVED] Issue on Galaxy S4
  69. [SOLVED] galaxy note 3
  70. [SOLVED] WinCE iGO Primo v9.6.5.220934 - Philips
  71. [SOLVED] diMkaWA_aP114_24 not shown in iGO Primo 2.4 v9.6.29.329069 (11 Sep 2013)
  72. [SOLVED] Streetnames spoken garbled
  73. [SOLVED] How to setup iGO Primo to access Android phone contacts?
  74. screen lock after phone call in time when I navigate
  75. Nuance Vocalizer Studio
  76. Latest primo 2d street width problem
  77. Extended POI files
  78. Android Igo Primo Original
  79. landscape maps....
  80. igo primo quit at specific locations
  81. iGO customizations
  82. WINCE: Primo 9.6 no sound HELP!
  83. camps 7
  84. Primo on Navman S50
  85. Google local search impossible on Igo Primo Android
  86. [SOLVED] Question about speed warnings setting
  87. What other truck gps software is there?
  88. Can bridge/width/weight icons be shown?
  89. Can bridge/width/weight icons be shown? (
  90. Looking for "ui android"....
  91. TTS Voices require editing, can anyone help?
  92. What does it mean the numbers in the late posted files?
  93. Map for MIO 168, iGO8 ?
  94. how to edit data.zip?
  95. Getting igo to say address not just you have arrived
  96. iGo Primo as standard app for handling navigation on Android 4.1
  97. Reply from naviextras / igo
  98. Resolution in Skins info.ini?
  99. REQ: Full functional LG G2 SYS
  100. Igo primo world universal licence version after igo primo (igo primo 2.3) - iphone
  101. confusion: what's the deal with this "Israel" version?
  102. IGO Primo road width
  103. Igo Map (NQ/Here) Updates
  104. Out of Memory error
  105. sys.txt Descriptions
  106. Eroda gps x10
  107. Icon location file???
  108. Custom speedcam/category files - looking for UK testers
  109. Hello, Information needed
  110. Direction of cursor when taking a curve
  111. How does this ux file get its data?
  112. How can I save the speed warning settings?
  113. iGo My Way (Primo)
  114. Observational differences between Here 2013 Q2 and Q3 maps
  115. Primo from Parrot Asteroid Smart
  116. Sync Os Time - Timezone error
  117. Automatic delete Inetrmediate Targets
  118. How do I set track background recording on HTC Desire 300
  119. where to place naviextra mapfiles for manual map update?
  120. Electronic compass on iGO?
  121. [Android] Need help with TTS for iGO Primo Israel
  122. [SOLVED] Help Getting English (US) TTS for iGO Primo (9.6.29)
  123. [Android] Incomplete TTS announcements iGO (29.Apr 2014)
  124. Alpine ine-w928r
  125. TMC license for Canada and USA? (iGO Primo)
  126. How to manage/access my custom POIs in iGO Primo 2.4
  127. How to unlock Acer v200 GPS Navigation and install iGO 8?
  128. WinCE 6.0 iGO Primo
  129. Driver Alert (DA) Icons
  130. Igo primo I3 for truck
  131. Refresh traffic events
  132. My keyboard is misformed, anyone have a fix?
  133. How do i add to my favorites destinations?
  134. good map for serbia?
  135. Nav N Go iGO 8
  136. Igo primo 2.0.1 ver TMC working?
  137. looking for working version of primo to my MIO P360
  138. iGO primo nextgen
  139. remember skin
  140. Screen Blinking on HTC One M8 (1920x1080 HD)
  141. Help navigate to destination using Google contact
  142. Avoid Highway not working in Israel with NA 2013.Q4 map
  143. How does one knows if data.zip is 2.1 or 2.4?
  144. Problem with Primo on Samsung Galaxy S5
  145. Please can unlock license Clarion ISUZU IGO/Primo for me ?
  146. S4 Non rooted install?
  147. IGO Primo Android
  148. how to enable TTS in hebrew/english - igo primo
  149. Speedcam warnings
  150. Who can provide the type of license 61cb7134(FJW)? Thank you!
  151. iGo Primo causing unit lag
  152. iGO 8 error
  153. iGO8 Speed Camera Map File Types
  154. Igo 8 Weird directions + help button error
  155. Help a noob install Igo Primo on this sat nav? (pics inc)
  156. looking for US english TTS for iGo Primo 2.4-9.6.13.xxxx (Win CE)
  157. Wich is the utility of the options "Create POI Table" in some skins?
  158. Magellan 1700+iGO Primo
  159. iGO on Galaxy s5
  160. iGO8 Speedcam map icons.
  161. which speedcam downloads contain all different types?
  162. New Win Primo versions 9.6.13.xxxxxx coming soon!
  163. Announcement problem
  164. Problem with the TTS voice: mistake saying the road exit numbers
  165. Adding a Startup sound
  166. Latest version of primo with speech recognition
  167. WIN CE igo primo no sound output
  168. Looking for some testers to check my new UX I created.
  169. needing licence for full postcode search
  170. igo primo crashing on irregular intervals
  171. iPAQ31xTools Problems
  172. HERE maps - Discussions, problems and other issues.
  173. ANDROID iGO NextGen for Android
  174. update for igo amigo?
  175. IGO Primo for C8020TS Chinese Head unit
  176. ANDROID my igo Do not play voice prompts
  177. screen res issue
  178. iGo primo and HTC M8 problem
  179. Question about license
  180. igo cann't navguation
  181. IGO PRIMO with LG G3?
  182. Igo not saving settings
  183. Igo for prestigio
  184. Looking for most updated 07.2014 Israel: 3DC; 3DL; DEM; POI; FPA; FDA; HNR
  185. TTS voice does not fades sound radio on IGO PRIMO android
  186. Help on primo maps 2013Q4 POI
  187. Zoom roundabout
  188. Downloading information in Clarion NX404 (iGo maps)
  189. How to resize minijunction view in android igo primo
  190. User Interface Resolution Not Supported
  191. WIN CE Becker 9.15.3
  192. Poi not appearing on map??
  193. iGO Primo
  194. igo primo 9.6 android problem
  195. TomTom maps - Discussions, problems and other issues.
  196. NNG & other re-leaser maps - Discussions, problems and other issues.
  197. ANDROID patch igo for lg g3 due to 2d problem
  198. Stripes on 2D IGO android
  199. How to install extra maps
  200. ANDROID How do I set skin in igo primo??
  201. iGO 8.3.5 and TTS voices
  202. spud to .txt & speed camera icons?
  203. Android. TTS speech slow and lazy
  204. Megris to Igo Primo 2.4
  205. new igo map showing old speed mph on gps??
  206. Igo for Note 4 N9100F Res. 1440x2560 QHD
  207. Add Odometer support ?
  208. How do I change overspeed announcement?
  209. iGO is blocking background music and TTS from playing
  210. WIN CE igo 2.4
  211. please help!!!! Signal really poor or non existant.
  212. ANDROID Change icon of speed camera possible?
  213. Adding licences
  214. Willing to do some test with .fjv files.
  215. iGO in Japanese?
  216. ANDROID car stereo
  217. FJV & FJW discussions
  218. help !!
  219. ANDROID iGO Primo on Android car Multimedia File Missing
  220. Need help
  221. ANDROID Issues with sounds - iGo for Android - Ca-Fi head unit
  222. ANDROID I can´t hear the voice on Igo Primo
  224. iPHONE iGo Primo Europe 2.5.5 - iPhone 6 Plus Jailbroken Issue
  225. How to install Igo 8 on "Rage" GPS running Win CE 6.0
  226. iGO Primo on Samsung S5 error
  227. Difference TomTom traffic live and IGO http TMC traffic
  228. [SOLVED] POI not loading. iGO_Primo_2.4, Vietnam_HERE_2014.Q1_140811.poi
  229. KML Routing, how to hide via points?
  230. WIN CE iGO NextGen for WinCe (no crack available)
  231. ANDROID iGO primo keep searching GPS signal after loss signal even there are 8 or more signals in use.
  232. Igo Primo 2.4 - Possible to load and monitor/navigate off-road routes?
  233. android igo primo undo "show start menu"
  234. [SOLVED] Basarsof - How to change splash screen
  235. arrival time off by 5 hours on android primo
  236. WIN CE Round the Round-a-bout
  237. Igo Reboots
  238. WIN CE Can iGO show colony?
  239. Primo 2.4 sound
  240. RAC300 with iGO not finding satellite any help please
  241. WIN CE Help: Importing .TRK files
  242. ANDROID Start iGO by clicking on an adress, and access adress in contacts
  243. Current speed on the left and in %
  244. WIN CE T4A iGo8 Automotive Navigation
  245. ANDROID Japan map?
  246. ANDROID IGO so slow on high end phone
  247. ANDROID Which iGO version for Android ver 4.3, resolution 720x1280 (huawei Ascend Mate2)?
  248. WIN CE What type of file are supported by igo v 8.5.3(WinCE)?
  249. crash.txt help - WinCE, iGO Primo 2.4
  250. WIN CE How to set the navigation cursor position on Tomsoft Skin