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  1. New efficient posts report system
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  4. New LIKE system on forum and Spoiler button
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  7. Noeman GPS Sections are now GPSPower.net
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  9. HIDE button in advanced editor added
  10. Welcome QUIN1965 as Trial Moderator in TomTom sections
  11. We are glad to announce QUIN1965 promotion
  12. Congratulations kenta2 for your promotion to SMod
  13. New button in post Editor to upload images to Postimage
  14. Happy Winter Holidays from GPSPower! A bit hijacked thread, but dont care, post your greetings
  15. Users' donation button is allowed in signature
  16. April 18 2015: Happy Birthday GPSPower!
  17. Forum back now, and database problem resolved
  18. How to donate and help GPS Power community
  19. Problem with server : Thank you for your patience
  20. We are glad to announce Boki_Srb promotion
  21. Happy New Year 2020
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  23. Vale AlexWhiter