Disclaimer: this is not my work, is the work of Joghurt (nickname of a brilliang german guy). I also hope it's not a repost or some utility widely known, my apologies if that happens.

Tested in a Tomtom Rider v5 (2014). I have no idea of requeriments and compatibility with modern devices.

This is his place:
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This is the description in the author words:
Q: What is MiniLog?
A: MiniLog loggs all $GPGGA und $GPRMC NMEA sentences that the built-in GPS-chip creates. They're stored on your TomTom in the 'MiniLog'-directory.

In my words this is the main reason I keep using my Tomtom Rider V. This logs are brilliant!, with them I keep a precise record of every single moment my Rider has been on, and that is just great. The inner utility to record on route is horrible, slow, bulky, and problematic when the device resets itselfs (mine keeps doing that). The resulting files from the recorder are huge and terrible to load on Tyre, and the whole systema a mess. The Minilog just keeps recording when the device restarts, flawlesly and totally transparent, and the results are awesome. Over 40.000km riding Europe with my device and having those logs are gold.

The program doesn't have any interface or configuration, you install it (just copying a few files, and uninstall it just deleting them) and it records anytime the device is powered on. When you return home and connect it to the computer the minilog folder has there a single file for every riding day.

You load then those files in Google Earth (remember, the pro version is free now), and have a fantastic record of all your trips and a lot of tools to play with. Every log shows your daily route and plenty of info for all the points in the route: at any single poing you have accurate date/time, speed and height. You can even replay the day route over the Google Earth, it's just brilliant.

To install MiniLog you need to browse in the website to "Projects", select "MiniLog" and press the big photo with install/paperbin icons. It's going to fail if you don't have Java or have a recent version, but don't follow the instructions in the FAQ/Installation, cause there's a big problem: this is and old website and uses and old Java applet to do the installs that is not a signed package, so it's not going to work with updated Java in your computer cause that's now a security requirement. There's no workaround in the java configuration to avoid it. To make this work just uninstall Java and and try again, and when it fails select the link to download and do the install manually. Just unpack the downloaded file to your tomtom folder and it's going to work next time you start the device. Piece of cake.

To check if it's working just keep the device on for a while with gps signal, then turn it off and connect it to the computer and look at your \minilog folder in the device, if it has a file like "nmea-2016-10-10.log" with the actual date, that is your daily record and everything is OK.

I hope you guys can use it and like it as much as I do. Must confess I created the account in this place looking for updated Speed Cameras for my device (going to live in Ireland at the end of the weed and really wanted those), but didn't see MiniLog searching in the forum and may be linking it is a way to return someting.

PS, please forgive my crappy English, Spanish bloke here so it's a work in progress.

PPS , d'oh! totally forgot... hi everybody! pleased to be here, nice forum mates