Here you are my audio alerts and warnings for speed cameras in ogg and mp3 for TomTom, created by me
Audiofiles contain 2 versions operators Briget and Julie says:

"Fucking Fixed Speed Camera"
"Fucking Mobile Speed Camera"
"Fucking Red Light Camera"
"Fucking Safety Camera"
"Fucking Speed Camera"

also censored versions without "Fucking" and versions with ding-dong chime at the beginning.
I'm giving you all my files, select which one you like more, and enjoy, or use it to create your own alerts

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How to add audio sound alert with speed camera POI file or how to put audio files with warning for custom speed cameras POI in TomTom android 1.4

Screenshot 2016 10 14 07 32 12
you see on the screen shoot how the alert pop up on top left corner and played warning sound

Download my tutor archive. For the tutorial, I will use my POI file for speed cameras of Australia, POI file is from 2016 extracted from Garmin device, but you can replace my file MySpeedCamera.ov2 with your POI file.

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1. This step is not necessary but some people recommend it, I think you can skip this:
Open TomTom and put this settings:
Menu/Settings/TomTom Services/Data Services - turn off option
And turn off the TomTom

2. From the archive copy the follow files into the map folder on your SD card (in my case is sdcard\tomtom\com.tomtom.australia\files\Australia_975_7687\)
MySpeedCamera.inf - this hides you speed cameras files in the POI list and set which icon to show when alert.
MySpeedCamera.bmp - the standard icon for speed camera POI, you can replace it with yours
MySpeedCamera.ogg - a the sound in ogg audio file

The file names could be any you like, not need to be MySpeedCamera, but it must be same for all files

3. Copy the .ov2 and .ver files from folder /dummy into map folder on your SD card (in my case is sdcard\tomtom\com.tomtom.australia\files\Australia_975_7687\). These 2 files are special dummy files which tells on TomTom to prepare for integration of upcoming transfer of new speed camera POI file. So copy from /dummy these:

4. Start TomTom

5. Turn off TomTom. This means kill/exit the TomTom not just minimize it. You can kill as dumping off from recent bar swiping finger up, or if you dont know what I am talking about then restart the phone

6. In the archive main folder you will find a file MySpeedCamera.ver that must contain the same name inside. In my case I put ID=MySpeedCamera but if you use another file name you must change it inside this file
MySpeedCamera.ver - So in my case the file look like this:

7. Now copy the .ov2 and .ver files which are in the main folder of the archive, not the one in /dummy folder. This MySpeedCamera.ov2 is your real file with points. Copy these 2 files into same map folder on your SD card and give Yes to overwrite it.

8. Turn on TomTom and the alert will work. If you want to show speed cameras on the map then check the POI - Tourist attraction
Menu/Settings/Driving view/Show point of interest /choose/ Tourist attraction

The alert will work no matter Tourist attraction is shown or not. It will alert you when you approach the camera even if you hide it from the map. I prefer to hide it, so I uncheck Tourist attraction, because the map looks overstuffed.

To test the alert at home just put some destination through any speed camera and give Route details -> Show route demo, and watch the travel simulation how alert pops up with sound

You can put many and different POI files with sound alert. The method is same just use different file name for files and dont forget to change it into .ver file in main folder

For example, I have 5 POI files with 5 different sound alert for 5 different type of cameras:
Fixed Speed Cameras.ov2
Mobile Speed Cameras.ov2
Red Light Cameras.ov2
Safety Cameras.ov2

Here you are my prepared 5 POI files with different sound warning of different type cameras in Australia. You can look it and use it for you as replacing your .ov2 files. I have seen many people in this forum asking for speed camera POI in Australia, but no one provide, now I hope to like it

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