First - some explanations.
I have an A-Sure 2Din RNS which comes with Igo pre-installed on an External SD Card. I was never too happy with this and even after upgrading it with a newer version, still preferred my TomTom Nav with 007 voice installed.
I came across this site when upgrading the Igo and decided I'd have a go at installing TomTom.

Then my problems really began, but I got round them all and that's what I want to share with you

I downloaded [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] , and unpacked the rar archive

1st problem - I use a Mac with OSX Yosemite. Now Macs OS hides files beginning with a dot so I didn't see the file .metadata.xml

I copied the files to a SD card maintaining the file structure

2nd problem - It took a lot of reading to find I needed a second files folder inside the first one, and the first one needed to have the (unseen) .metadata.xml as well as the files folder holding all the other folders and files

I edited the .metadata.xml file using my Terminal program and made the path correct for my external SD card on my RNS (file://mnt/external_sd/com.tomtom.europe/files/files)

On the RNS, I installed Total Commander and used this to copy the apk over to the root of the RNS

Ran apk installer, switched the system off and waited about two minutes before switching on again

Ran TomTom (labelled Europe in my system) - touched 'I Agree' at the opening warning, then the system complained 'There is no internet connection'. Now All I read told me to install and run with the internet connection disabled.
I connected the Wifi, but only had a weak signal. However on restarting Europe, it went a little longer before the system complained again 'Unable to connect to TomTom'

I checked the file system on the RNS using Total Commander, and saw that in the internal SD, a file structure had appeared - Android/data/com.tomtom.europe/files , but was empty
I uninstalled TomTomEurope and as well as the program, this file also disappeared - Back to square 1

3rd problem - After a lot more reading, including coming on here and asking for help and getting it- I noted that I should have a meta.txt file in my second files folder. Eventually using the search on here I found the meta codes for the 970 series maps, edited them into a file and saved it as meta.txt to my second files folder

Once again, switched the Wifi OFF, installed the apk, switched the system off. A wait is necessary, since the system doesn't fully switch off for about a minute

Switched ON, checked the internal file system, and to cover myself I copied the .metadata.xml file to the created Android/data/com.tomtom.europe/files folder. Started the application and VOILA !!!! - a working TomTom system

Now - on my old TomTom Navigator I had installed Sean Connery (007) as the voice, and wanted the same again. I copied the data80.vif, data80.chk files over to the voices folder and tried to install the voice - it didn't even show up in the list. More investigation showed that the .vif files in the voices folder all had 7 lines of text, but data80.vif only had 2 lines. More reading, and I found a guide to the vif format, edited my vif file and tried again - SUCCESS.

Only complaint I have on the application is that when driving with either the radio on or music playing, the sound doesn't fade when the navigation messages come on , the voice being lost in the music. Now I will investigate a Dynamic volume setting

Hope this helps someone else

Below are details of file structures and vif file makeup

VIF file makeup
TomTom - Voice Information File (.vif)

The .vif file stores information about the voice file that is used to control the display. It is a simple text file and can look like this:

Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood

This seven line file may be edited with Notepad. The seven lines are defined as follows:

Line 1 - Name (have not seen this appear anywhere)
Line 2 - .chk voice filename (voice files work even when this is incorrect)
Line 3 - Display Name
Line 4 - Gender and silhouette code - '0' = young, '1'= female, '2?? = male.
Line 5 - Language code
Line 6 - Flag Code
Line 7 - Version number

I obtained the following results in my testing of language and flag codes:

Line 5 - Language codes

0. English UK
1. Deutsch
2. English US
3. Français
4. Español
5. Italiano
6. Nederlands
7. Vlaams
8. Dansk
9. Svenska
10. Soumi
11. Português
12. Norsk
13. Polski
14. Ceština
15. Türkçe
16. Magyar
17. Eesti
18. Latviski
19. Lietuviškai
20. Català
21. Slovenčina

Line 6 - Flag codes

0. No Flag
110. UK
111. Italy
112. Belgium
113. France
114. US
115. Switzerland
116. - 119. (Korean type)
120. Ireland
121. Luxembourg
122. Andorra
123. Liechtenstein
124. - 150. (none)
199. (none)
200. Poland
201. Czechoslovakia
202. Slovakia
203. Australia
204. Russia
205. Romania
206. Serbia
207. Croatia
208. Greece
209. Turkey
210. Bulgaria
211. Canada
212. (Korean type)

File structure