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    Guide Tuto: How to create individual Waypoint Files for TomTom Go + 'classic v1.4'

    There are many tutorials out there that describe how to create individual Waypoint Files for TomTom. Some of them work, but are really complicated (with interim steps to create CSV or XLS Files, editing them, etc.).

    In this tuto I describe the quickest and simplest way I successfully tested with TomTom Go v1.10 and the classic v1.4... For TomTom Go you can create as many files as you want to (e.g. for a specific vacation, your standard favorites, etc.). But for the classic TomTom v1.4 only one single file is allowed, it has to be named 'Favorites.ov2'

    You only need 'Extra POI Editor':
    o [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    o you can install it, but for me even the standalone EXE worked without installation

    Do the following:
    o your source file with POIS: e.g. a GPX-File containing the waypoints
    o open it in Extra POI Editor
    o Save it in ov2-Format: File... Save as...
    o The nomenclature of the ov2-File is important for TomTom Go. It has to have the format 'AnyNameOfYourChoice_Favorites.ov2'. Don't use spaces within the file name.
    o Place those kind of ov2-Files into: \Android\data\com.tomtom.gplay.navapp\files\files\personal\pois\
    o for TomTom 'classic' the similar folder is in the internal part of your phone (\data\data\...), so it has to be rooted. Important: the name has to be 'Favorites.ov2' (simply overwrite the existing Favorites.ov2)

    When you then launch TomTom Go it tells you that new Waypoints are available und you find each of your Waypoint files separately under 'my places' (if this is the english wording within TomTom).

    Advantage of Extra POI Editor: it removes all information for each waypoint and only leaves the waypoint-name plus of course the coordinates. If there would be other information around the waypoints then the names of the waypoints in TomTom Go are often quite strange.
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