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    Default Automating TomTom on your Android Phone - e.g. with Tasker

    Hi guys, I am just interested whether you also automate TomTom when using as navigation system in your car or motorbike...

    For example I implemented the following automation process with 'Tasker':

    o I use one navigation phone for my car and another for my motorbike... the only purpose that it has is: only act as a navigation device...
    o It does not have a SIM / telephone card for data connection...

    So, what happens (completely automatically without any manual interaction) when I switch on my bluetooth loudspeaker in my car/motorbike?

    o my usual phone (not used for navigation) activates mobile data
    o then it starts tethering
    o then my navigation phone connects to the tethering phone
    o a firewall (AF wall) prevents the navigation phone (because it thinks it has unlimited wifi connection, which in fact is not the case) from downloading any kind of crap
    o the navigation phone automatically launches TomTom Go plus a radar app (here: blitzer.de)

    When I am finished, I switch off my bluetooth loudspeaker... and then...

    o the usual phone shuts off tethering and mobile data connection... and finally switches off
    o the navigation phone also stops TomTom and the radar app
    o then they switch off...

    When I switch on my bluetooth speaker the show starts again...

    Do you also do those lazy things?
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    Nice work! But about your question: no, to complicated for me . If i need navigation by mobile-phone (e.g. forgotten Go920 in the car), i use my Note II with the Go-App (or the older v1.7) and always without mobile data and the tomtom-services [2-3 times a year, co-driver is mobile-holder]. In case of mobilephone-navigating i'm not a speed-junkie and need no speed-camera-service. Or sometimes i use mobilphone also as pedestrian navigation, e.g. tourist landmarks in foreign cities, also with deactivated mobile data and services.
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