I am trying to install sygic version 16 on my smartphone with a kitkat 4.4 android smart phone. My knowledge is limited but from the different versions I downloaded I understood that:

1. there is base file structure I must transfer to my phone.
2. I download the maps separately and then move them to "maps" folder inside that file structure.
3. Use .apk file to install.

So far there are three kinds of .apk I came across. for ta, for na, and for both. I don't know the difference.
Another problem is that kitkat 4.4 does not allow maps to be in external micro sd card.
Can I pick and choose any map download with any .apk or should both be the same version?
Cause I see lots of posts with a map downloaded or just .apk file.
I also notice that many are using the maps with different GPS software. Do all GPS software use the same maps??
Final question if there is a section in this forum where someone can help me get Sygic 16 working.


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