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    I'd just like to share my negative experience related to Sygic and MirrorLink suport.

    I'm always happy to pay for apps, and in particular for Sygic GPS Navigation I already shelled out first €30 for Europe&Russia maps, and then an additional €20 for upgrade to World maps. I didn't mind that, as the app worked great for me, both in car and otherwise. However, as I really hate these car phone holders, I used app in my old car mainly through voice navigation, while the phone was sitting on the car drawer. That worked mostly well for me, however recently I bought new car, with big screen for infotainment system, so naturally I thought I'll be able to connect my phone, and using Sygic through this screen.

    Well, wishfull thinking... The whole MirrorLink thing is mess - great idea, but execution is mostly driven by desire of all parties involved willing to extort money from customers, so it's rather unpleasent experience. So here is a bit of warning for people willing to try the MirrorLink path. First, you'll need MirrorLink capable phone, and then you'll need to have car infotainment system that is supporting MirrorLink. Your car manufacturer probably won't provide it by default (even if no hardware support is needed, it should be pure software issue), but will charge you for it. In my case (Škoda car), it was about very large €120 surcharge to have the infotainment system supporting MirrorLink. Then comes the app producer. In case of Sygic, they want you to use different app for same functionality (it's not Sygic GPS Navigation any more, but Sygic Car Navigation), and then to pay again for maps. There is no discount for existing Sygic GPS navigation users - on the contrary, they want you now for example to pay outrageous €80 for Europe&Russia maps (that you already paid for, and have in your phone, but Sygic Car Navigation won't use them).

    The worst part of all is that, even when you shell out all that money, you cannot be sure that everything will work. Namely, some stupid fucks working on the whole MirrorLink standard came to worry that some of the phone apps may be "distracting" while driving, so now every car manufacturer is required to "approve" apps for their infotainment system. This is completely insane - like that these are not already "distracting" to millions of users using phones through car holders. Car manufacturers are expectedly slow in "approving" apps, and worse-over the info on "approved" apps for given infotainment systems is practically non-existing. So it could be easily that you pay large amount of money, and then when you try to use app while driving, that the infotainment system just goes black, refusing to display the app.

    The app "approval" is probably Sygic answer to why do we need separate app (and eventual costs of "approval" are probably justifying this ridiculous price for maps for this app), and that plain sucks. Nevertheless, I would probably swallow, and pay for the maps, however their non-existent support was the last straw. I just sent support request asked about any info is Sygic Car Navigation "approved" for my car infotainment system and, even if they promise a reply within 2 business days, they ignored my support request for about a week (I tried to ping them once in the meantime, but to no avial). I then sent an e-mail to [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] (how moronic is to ignore regular support request, but to reply to requests sent to this address, that they mention when they reply to some unfavorable user review at Play Store?), and an answer came immediately, but only to the part of my question where I asked am I supposed to buy maps again ("yes, you should" was of course their reply, with an additonal "unfortunately" - I know it is "unfortunate", but why don't you do something about it), and they completely ignored the part of my question regarding support for their app by my car infotainment system.

    Thus, in about a week they turned me from a very happy long-term customer into a hater. Bravo, Sygic!

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    Mirrorlink sure looks like a minefield.

    Is anyone yet looking at the inner workings of Car Navigation? Sygic confirm it'll only work with Mirrorlink 1.1, but do we know how it's licensed/ whether the "approval" can be altered or unlocked/ are the map files identical?

    I've just got a new Subaru w/ mirrorlink and can't even confirm which version of ML the HU runs...


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