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    Use program G7ToWin to retrieve your HWID
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    G7ToWin is only usable in preboot: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]. If you don't access the unit quickly it will exit preboot to the white calibration screen. Times do vary depending on unit series. Some units have a very brief window of opportunity, for example 7xx remains in preboot only for about 10 seconds. So open G7ToWin before you put the unit into preboot mode. After you've configured it in the Options Setup, leave the GUI visible on your desktop with 'GPS' selected ready to click 'Get GPS ID'.


    Check 'USB' for 'COM Port' to use with usb-capable units, then click 'OK' and don't forget to 'Save Configuration' [Ctrl+F]:

    g7towinconfig?w=640&h=506 (thanks Alexander for the screen )

    Put your unit in preboot mode and in GPS menu quickly click on Get GPS ID:


    If you get an error screen ignore it and just click 'OK':


    You will still be given this screen:


    Some units like the above will be shown as a three-figure number, but in other locations such as detailed below a leading zero will be added to make a four-figure number, e.g. 0851 for the above unit.

    If you have your backup, look at GarminDevice.xml to see "<PartNumber>006-Bxxxx-00</PartNumber>" near start. Four-figure number 'xxxx' is your unit's HWID.

    If your unit isn't 'bricked', hold battery symbol on main screen for several seconds to reach a hidden menu, then press 'Next'/lower RH corner until you see 'Version Information' screen, then press 'Start Test' > 'More' to see 'Inventory' screen. Look for same 'Bxxx-00' in second entry of top 3 lines.
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    You have to navigate to get to the good.
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    Following quote comes from another thread. My goal is to retrieve the HWID of a bricked nüvi 765T which (hopefully) can still be brought into pre-boot mode.

    Quote Originally Posted by Neil View Post
    If you can get the unit into preboot, look at the HWID in G7ToWin: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ].
    I have downloaded G7ToWin but have no clue whatsoever how to use it. Googling, I found some general instructions but nothing relevant to my quest. Any help most welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catymag View Post
    g7towinconfig?w=640&h=506 ............
    Just follow the above. Have the program open before you connect in preboot, click 'File'>Configuration. On the configuration window check the box beside USB under COM Port > OK to save and exit. Click 'GPS' and be ready to click 'Get GPS ID'. Connect your unit in preboot. Then click 'Get GPS ID' and wait. If it gives an error screen ignore it by clicking thru it.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] (Click image to enlarge).

    PS: Added some extra screens and info to initial post to clarify.
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