Track a Ship - Live marine traffic tracking and measurement V.5.1.2

Find and follow ships and vessels with this app which have been beautifully crafted to provide a simple and intuitive user interface. Furthermore, benefit from a number of possible In-App purchases as Dead Recogning and Position Prediction. These functions are unique to the Track-a-Ship apps.

See on the map, which ships are passing through your local waters. Also covers large parts of the oceans (coastal areas).

Make sure to check out our FREE version of the app (Trackaship Superlite) before buying if in doubt about the coverage of you local area. The free version will show the same ships, but not any details about the ships.

Measure the distance from ship to user and ship to ship.

Vessel icons, which are clearly recognizable.

Built-in compass and "direction" vector which helps to find the direction to the ship.

The following data is supported for the ships:

Last received update time, Vessel ID, type of ship manoeuvring status, estimated time of arrival, ship size and speed, heading and true heading.

Watch and upload pictures from either camera or image file on your device.

Easy customisation through the configuration view of the app.

This app depends on the data received via the Internet and is dependent on the internet for displaying data.

Data is collected on a voluntary basis and may change without notice. If you live in an area with poor or no coverage, you have possibility to improve the situation. Send an email to [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] and we will contact you.

Please note that the accuracy and reliability of data in this app are not covered by any guarantee and that, under no circumstances should be used for navigation. This app is no substitute for proper maritime instruments.
What's New

* iOS8 support!!
* Geodesic lines function that shows lines as curves on the Mercator projection that the map is build on
* Addition of OpenSeaMap map overlay option - Map dedicated to sea farers
* Addition of OpenSeaMap seamarks overlay that show sea marks and buoys - See the traffic rules that larger ships are following in selected areas of the world.
* Improved Dead Reckoning and Position Prediction In-App purchase functions

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