MX Mariner - Marine Charts v1.5.19 build 44
Requirements: Android 2.3.3 and up
Overview: MX Mariner is a basic mobile marine navigator / chart plotter...

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MX Mariner is a basic mobile marine navigator / chart plotter featuring quilted offline marine charts.

All raster marine charts published by NOAA (USA), LINZ (New Zealand) and Brazil Navy are available to install from within MX Mariner as downloadable regions. Each marine chart region download contains all the available charts for it's particular region. Once downloaded, each marine chart region is available for use offline. When online, a road map or satellite image map is alternatively available.
UKHO charts are also available for the United Kingdom, Ireland and Channel Islands. UKHO chart regions are divided into 4 regions and are available as in-app purchases. Each in-app purchase gives you 1 year of free chart updates.

Please see [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] for more details on offline marine chart regions available for download.

MX Mariner is useful for marine navigation featuring a simple heads up display showing speed and course. You have the ability to drop waypoints, record tracks and create routes. Routes can be activated and the heads up display will also show bearing and range to next waypoint below speed and course. All waypoints, tracks and routes can be backed up as GPX files. GPX files can be imported and exported to other programs.
MX Mariner also has configurable units of measure for bearings, position, speed and distance. Bearings in MX Mariner can be shown as true or magnetic. Magnetic bearings use the world magnetic model published National Geospacial Intelligence Agency. Speed and distances can be set to Nautical, Statute or Metric. Position can be set to degrees, degrees-minutes or degrees-minutes-seconds. Navigators can also choose to use their device internal magnetometer or gps course to orientate ship on the marine chart. Optionally, heading and course predictor lines can also be shown on the marine chart. MX Mariner also offers configurable back-light levels suitable for daylight to off-shore night conditions.



Fix for recent Motorola x8 devices
Bug fixes
- ActiveCaptain data display support is now built in.
- ActiveCaptain data can be synchronized online and then is available for 100% offline use.
- Graphics hardware acceleration and performance improvements

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