It took me a little bit of work to install the maps on a Grand C4 Picasso but I managed it.

Thank You.

I ran my engine all the time.

Manually install new maps C4 Picasso

The process is very easy to follow and explained step by step.

------------------------ Before getting in the car ------------------------

1.- Download all the files you'll find in this links listed in the first post.
There are 17 files that make up the main installation.
You will also need the file. Note that you will need a version of Java on your PC to run the java applet.

2.- Use WinZip or WinRAR to open the final ZIP file.

3.- Put all the files contained in the archive in the root directory of a USB 4GB or larger.

4.- Use WinZip or WinRAR to open the archive.

5.- Double-click on the generator.jar file to start the applet.
You will need to input the full chassis number of your car.
Browse for the file "CCT.DAT.inf". It will be on the USB stick in "/SMEG_PLUS_UPG/DATA".
Do NOT use any other "CCT.DAT.inf" as it will not generate the correct activation code.
Make a note of the activation code.

------------------------ In the car ------------------------

6.- Insert the USB drive. We let the system read it.

7.- Select the Satellite Navigation option.
On the touch screen, tap the Settings tab of the screen and look for Map Settings.

8.- When the map of Europe appears, tap the SEARCH option and then access all the maps we have in the USB.

9.- Choose the map(s) you want to update.
You will be asked for the activation code.
Once entered, accept and begin the update, we will see a progress bar.
To update all of the maps will take about 1 hour.

copied from another thread and stuck it. Thanks.