Dear Forum.

I am the "fortunate" owner of the Blaupunkt navigation device called Travel Pilot 700 (TP700). It came with TeleAtlas 2009 maps, which are getting outdated to the point where I can no longer reliably navigate according to them. Caused me a lot of trouble - but also some unexpected surprices - on a recent trip abroad : ) I can't seem to find any updated maps online, and Blaupunkt don't support such "old" devices. So I hope that this forum instead can answer some of my ignorant questions:

1. Is it possible to install more up to date maps on the device with the innate navigation program? If so, where can I find such maps, and how do I install them?

2. In case I have to install another navigation program, which one would best fit with the WinCE 5.0 operating system on the TP700 device? Where could I download this new navigation program, and how do I install it? What maps would fit with this new navigation program, and where do I get these maps?

I really hope that some of you techies can help me, so that I can again rely on my dear navigation device.