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    V oice All Nuance TTS Pro Voice Pack

    Originally created by Zervdim and kept alive by Catymag, here are the links for Nuance V8 TTS Pro for WinCE.
    Also the original Nuance TTS Pro for North America (English(US,AU,UK),French,Spanish) is in post #22 of [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    If you're looking for android, it's [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    Default Voice grammar

    When giving instructions regarding "A" roads my iGO voice pronounces the "A" as "eye"

    Also the word "recalculating" is pronounced "recalsulating"

    Loquendo speech engine and Daniel Nuance TTS voice currently in use.

    Edit: Forgot to mention I am using Android. Maybe this post has been moved to wrong section but no worries.

    Problem sorted. I was using an outdated voice engine namely Loquendo.
    Updated to latest VocalizerEx. Everything fine now.
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    V oice

    Voice-Nuance update (WinCE)


    Spoiler: link
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    WIN CE TTS voice edit

    Can someone make a tutorial about editing a TTS voice engine ??
    I've only get to edit the TTS voice that is in the content.
    Here I can give a little tutorial:
    - TTS zip file should be opened with Windows (works both Win7 and Win 10), not with WinRAR, or something else
    - then info.ini, dictionary.voice, voice.lua, etc. you can edit them with Notpad. But first you have to copy them in other folder ... a working folder, and edit there
    - at the end, you copy the files back in the original folders of TTS and is done ! First I advise you to delete the old file in TTS, not to override them.

    In this way my TTS voice speeks with me how I want and it's more fun. I simply reformulate the phrases. I used Zervdim v8 - Ermioni. It seems that I was unable to change the TTS zip voice filename. The name of Ermioni I changed it in info.ini.

    But, further more I cannot edit in the same way the TTS engine. I think we need a kind of a software for the files in tts_nua_v5 folder.
    And here I need some help, with making and editing synthetic voice.

    After that I'm very glad to upload my all work.

    So, here is Zervdim Ermioni TTS (RO) ... rephrased by me ... for now. << Are un aer mult mai romanesc si prietenesc >>

    Spoiler: Ermioni
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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    I was wiped out big problems with TTS link, use primo2.2, you have other voices, I just intereseza Romanian



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