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    IGO Primo New: iGO PRIMO 2.4 for NEXUS 7/2013 - 1920x1200

    I present a set of iGO PRIMO 2.4 prepared based version
    iGO Primo Israel (Jan 19 2016)

    adapted for the NEXUS 7/2013 - 1920x1200

    The set was "slim" mod. was data.zip (contains only interface 800_480, sys.txt also for those purposes has been modified.
    1) to save memory and speed everywhere leaving only 800x480 resources (and data.zip, and into the tent of GjAk_v2.2_AriNe-6, and ux-utilities); no branding;
    tts in the minimum assembly is also not ENTERED (tried to reduce the .rar), although all the "tts-ready".
    2) KitKat allows you to customize the behavior of the status bar panel and push-button menu
    assembly debugging and with credit default behavior (resolution 1920x1058 / 1200x1778 with two bars, 1920x1104 / 1200x1824 without status bar), under different settings "Menu Navigation" in GravityBox
    and taking away with the aid of all GravityBox (c replaces the standard push-button pop-up menu on the Fan) at full resolution 1920x1200 / 1200x1920;
    At intermediate settings vyriant "Navigation Menu" in GravityBox results, to be honest, not really, "glitches" that hamper the work there, but is far from being the whole area of ​​the screen.
    3), respectively, in iGO \ data.zip \ ui_android \ multimode.ini and iGO \ content \ skin \ GjAk_v2.2_AriNe-6_800x480_sta.zip \ info.ini Corrections made under all of These Permits (and there were many).

    1) unzip to a PC
    2) catalog IGO rewritten (for example, through the external SD) in the internal memory (/ storage / emulated / 0 for Flo);
    Important: nowhere, not in internal memory or on an external SD card, if you run the IGO is a connection with external SD, there should be another directory IGO (hierarchy level "do not roll!")
    3) set iGO Primo Israel (Jan 19 2016) .apk, run (yet without tts), make sure That everything works
    4) to finish in the / sdcard / iGO / content Necessary topographic data / building, / demos / histspeed, / map / phoeme, / poi, / SpeedCam, / tmc, / userdata / poi
    - In / iGO / save / profiles / 01 can be rewritten with user.upoi Favourites and My POI (Favorites and My POI) with other devices / Previous Versions
    - In / iGO / save / profiles / 01 / routes can rewrite Their favorite routes with other devices / previous versions;
    - In / iGO / save / profiles / 01 / tracks can rewrite Their favorite tracks from other devices / previous versions;
    5) start, make sure everything works That
    6) if a tts, add in / iGO / content / voice, application set (all of the profile topics, see the "cap."); Primo settings switch to tts.
    7) if you want more and more countries, copy / IGO_content to external USB flash drive (drive, the SDXC), connected to OTG, and fill / IGO_content / content -> / building, / demos / histspeed, / map / phoeme, / poi]
    8) If adding resources to the external SD Primo starts to "fall", then IMHO with a probability of 99.9% using "broken" files; the remaining 0.1% in my experience be small due to non-compliance "extended date of the Primo", for example, used .hnr. and a full set of cards in the build there; check in the "Help / About / Extras / Content" Whether "reddened" or even "junk" data.

    The pack contains a complete set.
    Additionally placed version - iGO_Isr_Free_9.6.29.388958_crk_sys_not_changed
    which was the prototype modification.

    Thx. Arimi and AerobaticMan

    Spoiler: Screen's
    Screenshot 2016 03 06 19 36 10
    Screenshot 2016 03 06 19 36 55
    Screenshot 2016 03 06 19 37 24
    Screenshot 2016 03 06 19 41 23
    Screenshot 2016 03 06 19 42 16
    Screenshot 2016 03 06 19 44 12

    Spoiler: Link
    This post requires you to click the "LIKE this post" button and hit F5 to read this content.
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    regards wojpen
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    Password for My Files: wojpen
    User (when necessary): wojpen
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    Thanks wojpen, great work.

    Bad work week for me starting tomorrow, when I have got five minutes to try it, I'll do. And I will let you know.

    Thanks my friend.

    Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk

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    Hi @wojpen,

    I've been trying this option in my tablet. Works better than others versions, the movements of the 3D maps are less problematic and, in general, iGO moves smoothly.

    I had a couple of problems with something like "globlal cfg...", but using some files from other packs, finally works.

    Thanks wojpen, as usual, great job!!

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    Hello, I would like to try the pack for nexus 7 2gen, but I can't download it. Why?

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    Last edited by Easy; 23rd July 2016 at 06:13 AM.

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    What is the password to decode the file ?

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    Try: wojpen or gpspower.net

    sent with my phone
    You have to navigate to get to the good.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] Password for my files: gpspower.net
    Please don't flood my pm box with questions you can post on forum!! You won't hear back from me.
    Galaxy S5 Kitkat 4.4.2 / Nuvi1200->1250 / Nuvi3790T->34xx / Nuvi 2200 / Nuvi 66 / Oregon 600



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