Hello everybody. I'm a seasoned user of this forum, but until recently I've been a feaithful Garmin customer.
I have a Nuvi3790LMT, and previous owner of Quest, Quest2, Nuvi 220, and some other Garmin navs.
Recently, I decided to give a try to a new motorbike satnav, produced by ExcelNav.
Exceptional value for money.
It is based on WindowsCE operating system. More info can be found here [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
The nav came without any maps, but the reseller provided a link for downloading a 2013 map for western europe, including igo8 app for the device.
Unfortunately, igo website doesn't list the satnav within the ones supported, so I have to "hack" it somehow. No problems, I've done it for ages on Garmins....
Questions are:
1) How do I know what type of maps are suitable for my satnav? The ones the reseller gave me have the reading 83_HERE in the filename. Do I have to stay with that or can I use the R3 maps too? Is there any actual difference?
2) How do I select and install the toolbox on my Windows 10 PC? I was used to create routes on Basemap for Garmins. Is there a suitable or similar tool for iGO systems too?
3) Is there any possibility to add the motorcycle icon when navigating?
4) What license, if any at all, shall I use to activate the maps, or do they come already unlocked and activated when downloaded from this forum?

sorry for the several questions, and sorry if these questions have been asked before. The size of this forum is overwhelming.