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    Default How to unlock CNE NT 2013.20 in Mapsource and Basecamp?


    I have installed City Navigator Europe NT 2013.2 and some topo maps too. It is the first time I ran into the problem with "unauthenticated" when I had transferred my map chunks to my eTrex 30.

    Can I please have some guidance, not only a link to the stickys please, since my head is spinning. I am not sure if I should uninstall my already installed version and start over or if I can unlock my "not lockable" (according to Mapsource and Basecamp) CNE and the transfer the peices I want to the eTrex.

    I have spent quite some time reading and I understand JetMouse is history for MAP IDs > 2200. Would be very grateful for some help

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    You should not need to uninstall your presently installed map. Just follow the steps I give in my blog entry posted above.
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    There are 3 possible 'lock states' (i.e. Status) of gmap folders:
    Locked (self explanatory - you cannot select any parts or generate an image from MS/BC, you can view the map only)
    Unlocked (partly unlocked for use in MS/BC - see below)
    Not Lockable (fully unlocked and generated images are also 'authenticated' - see below)

    Your gmap folders are already unlocked in MS/BC if they show the status 'Unlocked'. This is easily done by unlocking the *.tdb file in the Product1 folder with [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]. However, because of the GMA protection contained in later unit firmwares and maps with FID 2200> the images generated (to unit or a media card) are still 'Unauthenticated'. Using patched versions of MS or BC you can send the *.img to any drive and then fully unlock it with [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] before copying the unlocked image to your unit, or better still, just unlock directly on the sd card before inserting into your eTrex (safer that way, if map causes problems, just remove the card and the unit will recover), if a *.gma file is also sent using that method, be sure to delete it off the sd card before using it in the unit after full unlocking. I prefer NOT to unlock images directly on the unit itself in case something goes wrong with the process and also the possibility of forgetting to remove any .gma file which has maybe been generated by that process from an 'Unlocked' gmap folder (i.e. not authenticated).

    You can of course just run unlock mapset.exe directly in the gmap folder and it will unlock it entirely so any image sent is also unlocked and authenticated. The gmap folder status will then show in MS/BC as 'Not Lockable' (because it's fully unlocked). Very much easier all round. Now, as to your specific problem: You used a 'Not Lockable' gmap folder to generate your image, yet it's still showing as unauthenticated in your unit, so there is a problem with the image which is not 'fully unlocked'. Perhaps the unlocking process on the gmap folder was not completed or was corrupted. The *.tdb file was unlocked, but maybe not all image tiles. You could just run gimgunlock on the image in the unit, but I consider that dangerous at any time, but particularly 'coz you might have a faulty or corrupted map image (which is very fortunately not being recognised at present). Unlocking it fully in your internal drive just might cause it to partly 'brick' the unit. I'd delete that suspect image off the unit and start again using a safer method, fully unlocking the gmap folder afresh using [Only registered and activated users can see links. ], and then generate a new image, preferably putting it on an sd card.
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