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    Default Downgrading astro 320 results to screen upside down and glitch

    Nevermind people, i found it. Thanks a lot!
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    Could you describe how you did it? It may be of help to others that are running into the same issue. Thanks.

    EDIT: Original post before content was edited by OP:
    I've got a brand new US astro 320 device, I want to use in europe (frequency disabled in my country). I'm therefore trying to downgrade to a version that allows it, probably 3.20. While another forum member suggested in a post, to downgrade the versions one by one (from 4.40 to 4.20, then 4.00 etc), once the 4.20 version has been flashed, the screen showed a noisy stripe pattern glitch at the right (like an offset) and it also turned everything upside down. The problem was fixed immediately after flashing 4.40 once again. I was afraid to keep downgrading, as this bug could end up bricking my device, and I think I made the right choice! Sorry this might be a totally noob question, but I couldn't find anything googling, maybe I'm not using the correct term for that strange behaviour.
    Do you have any insights?
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    Probably solved with info from here: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ].
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