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    Android TopoNavigator Android

    TopoNavigator Android is a new app from AnaDigit, a company well known in Greece for TopoNavigator PC an app that among other things creates Greek Anavasi Topo / On The Road map for Garmin devices.


    What's interesting is that TopoNavigator Android is using maps from upcoming TopoNavigator 6 PC, this new version has DEM for Greece available, here are some screenshots from my HD2.

    screen 20130212 2231 zpsf61563fc

    screen 20130212 2237 zps2f459e40

    screen 20130212 2236 zps1daa70ee

    screen 20130212 2233 zps7cd80c67

    screen 20130212 2232 zps183b0b6e

    In order to have access to TopoNavigator Road/Terrain maps you have to by the app for 40€, or you can use the free version with OSM, Google, Microsoft and from the Greek National Land Register maps.


    Turn your tablet or your mobile phone into a powerful cartographic tool that will navigate you into unaccessible roads and forgotten paths, with the accuracy of TopoNavigator maps.

    TopoNavigator Free is build on a powerfull engine for maps and data management. Moreover, TopoNavigator Extreme has access to TopoNavigator Internet Map Server, which provides extremely legible and accurate road and terrain maps for Greece. To install and test TopoNavigator Android Free, just go to Google Play and press INSTALL.

    Having installed the Free version, click on the Activation menu (the golden key symbol) and on the next page select "Get Key". The installation number is automatically copied on the clipboard and you can send it by e-mail at
    Please Login or Register to see the links
    . Then you can proceed to the market.

    You will receive soon by e-mail the Activation Key, which you will paste in the corresponding field. The application will be directly activated and will give you access to TopoNavigator Internet Map Servers.

    You can view and examine the maps of TopoNavigator Internet Map Server here. The maps are loading instantly, anywhere there is a network (a local WiFi or GSM), while the maps are automatically saved for offline usage (OffLine).

    Alternatively, you can get the TopoNavigator IMS SDcard, a huge 16 Gb map library, where the TopoNavigator Terrain IMS is preloaded, up to 1:20,000 scale (level 15).

    uvHmWmYfzsHbbZMV4oK5fV4AeqsaC5iicTsbNmhgycQ wGJw1tO9 x qzqCCw2G22tx7=h230 rOsV1COlA7hRyWtx5Ow0eFOj4Vei 6YGFsikGfEngY Mf9EaHSul04WlEMlXf4Jtnyc=h230 FZooLhG9h6mCTYKWdoGQZzYFYzaa 3p08BdFIvHU76fosTECvaPzoEYWibDR9VKNOk4=h230 KW0MW RXYn 3Np2 GGXMcKwaBE7l0ZQLPaTQr2yCIGmoA9EtJnwI6 v3iEUCIh1CrA=h230 RrhT7awHpvUbgcZNOsyWX8efItq5Rw51rLS4YeLkLBo MBSqCxnSFGm41YQQpxqtv9U=h230 40Bi 8AYY7XdVNlxsh0MPtp7A9b3ObvML1LE3RKDZUOJMWO1zYLp62ZHVDfWwUzwhItK=h230

    Current version : 3.9.1

    January 9, 2014

    Requirements: Android 2.2 +

    Size : 8.2 ΜΒ


    Version 3.9.1 adds:
    • Possibility to overwrite existing tiles when downloading (i.e update a region without prior deleting)
    • Some improvements and bug fixes

    Spoiler: Changes History
    Version 3.9 adds:

    • Smart search & Routing interface
    • Support for Toponavigator PC data format
    • Several mprovements and bug fixes

    Version 3.8 adds:

    • Continuous Speed, Elevation, GPS Accuracy and Slope charts when a GPS is connected
    • Structure analysis for any map type (levels, number of tiles and file size on each level)
    • Many minor improvements and bug fixes

    Version 3.7

    • Elevation & Speed graphs for all selected Tracks and Routes
    • 4 colored classes palette for PDOP visualize value during track recording
    • Edit and Delete waypoints on screen
    • Tranparency control on line symbol
    • Improvement on Tilt & Zoom combination, Split & Edit lines
    • Minor bug fixes

    Version 3.6

    • Easy & smooth map Rotate, Tilt & Zoom with screen multitouch
    • Ability download tiles along 1 or more selected tracks or routes
    • Ability to zoom on extent of > 1 selected tracks & routes
    • Ability to set start/destination points with long press on map.Points can be deleted or altered
    • Facility to Select All / Deselect All data features
    • Facility to toggle visibility status on all data features
    • Many improvements

    Version 3.5

    • Ability to move a waypoint by on screen drag & drop.
    • Ability to set a solid symbol for lines or choose from 5 color palettes associated to speed, slope, elevation, pace and accuracy Equal Intervals analysis
    • Google satelite map added
    • Many improvements

    Version 3.4

    • Convert a vertex to waypoint by long press
    • New intuitive waypoints, tracks and routes management method
    • German lanquage support
    • Faster track and routes display
    • After saving user data (points & tracks), one can send the file to DropBox, Google Drive,G-mail etc
    • Many improvements & bug fixes

    Version 3.3

    • Easy on-screen delete of selected lines
    • On-screen union of 2 selected lines
    • On-screen delete of line vertices
    • On-screen split of line
    • Waypoints can be moved to map center or GPS fix
    • Track statistics: time, speed, length, and elevation analysis
    • Several other improvements & bug fixes

    Version 3.2

    • Easy digitization (no GPS fix) points and lines with the finger, mouse or stylus
    • Points can be moved by changing coordinates
    • Processing of lines on the screen (move, and add items, change symbol)
    • In EXTREME version automatic insertion of very precise altitude DEM
    • Select the language (English, Greek and French), irrespective of the general settings
    • New color options
    • Many other improvements

    Version 3.1

    • Coordinates in EGSA87
    • Automatic & manuall adjustment of the map to screen resolution
    • Rotate map: Automatic change from compass to the direction of movement depending on the speed
    • Search now covers 1900 archaeological sites & 1400 monasteries in Greece
    • Correlation Toponavigator with KML GPX

    Version 3

    • New safer and faster protocol storage of maps (the old maps should be deleted)
    • New server that offers a 100 times faster download
    • New Auto Routing with 6 profiles
    • New manager for routing off-line use
    • New girl implementation Toponavigator GPS Info
    • New Maps OSM and OSM Cycle Map
    • New superfast algorithm import KML GPX
    • New management structure data tabs
    • New graphics

    Version 2.1

    • Improved response after the "awakening" of the screen
    • Interactive & more readable map information labels
    • The toolbars hiding after 15 sec
    • Many options in deleting stored maps
    • The symbols of paths stored inside KML & can be withdrawn from it
    • Enhanced interactive features and more space left for the map
    • Correct time to entry points in GPX format

    Version 2 adds

    • Smoother map loading
    • Combined speed-related AutoZoom and AutoTilt (perspective view) with 3 profiles (Travel, Off-road, Extreme)
    • Import waypoints & tracks from KML & GPX files. Imported tracks are generalized automatically
    • Export a single track to KML & GPX formats
    • Auto-Generalize tracks
    • Auto zoom on found city
    • Field "Comment" on waypoints
    • Smart alternation of scalebar and position information
    • Option "Keep creen always on"

    Version 1.05 fixes all bugs reported till 8 March, asks for much lesser storage space, and fixes an omission on KML elevation format.

    Version 1.04 fixes all bugs reported till 22 Feb 2013 and offers enhanced stability and reactivity.

    Version 1.03 fixes a bug on Waypoint Manager reported on 16 Feb 2013 and a bug on Activate Key reported on 15 Feb 2013.

    Version 1.025 fixes a bug reported on 14 Feb 2013 and includes some minor changes.

    TopoNavigator - Google Play
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    Direct Download

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    Mirror 2:

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    TopoNavigator Android 1.0

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    Mirror 2

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    You also can try Maps 3D.
    It's working fine and cheap.

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    Any idea on how to obtain the offline maps like IMS SDcard mentioned in the description?

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    You can download the tiles you wish through app's menu using WiFi but in order to use Toponavigator's Road or Terrain maps in Gr/En you have to obtain a license. The app doesn' t worth the 40 it costs to buy two licenses, in my opinion always, it's to expensive. Needs some devepoment first & a better price ...

    Sorry it took me so long to answer i just saw your post ...
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    Is it possible to upload version 1 that offers free Road [EN] layer?
    Thank you.

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    First post updated with version 3.9.1 build 22.
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