MOI.OSM - Taiwan TOPO v2016.09.29

MOI(Ministry of Interior)/OSM elevation data (DEM) contour map.
This is a free topo map suitable for use in Garmin handhelds (hiking / geocaching)
This MOI OSM map has more accurate terrain data than Garmin map Topo 2016.30
MOI Ministry of the Interior provided 20 m grid numerical terrain model data, on 2016/09/09 Taiwan's government Ministry of the Interior published an open 20 meter grid DTM Taiwan and of the Penghu area , this is really one of open government geographic information milestone!

2016, 9/29 Google translation:
Differences between Taiwan Railway and Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail color
Trimming Re23, Re24 contours, so that the contour can clearly show
Trimming county towns and national parks boundaries display
Trimming mountain road show increased background with a contour line segment has good
The most fonts piecemeal, so drawing more refreshing
MOI DEM correction of defective part
2016, 9/22
Thanks to ribbon grass north brother many suggestions ...
Increase Penghu area contours
Increase Kinmen and Matsu area (SRTM3) Contour
Show contour lines between 0 ~ 50m
Translatable strings from fzk style English style archives for Chinese
Increase odc style contour line thickness
Adjust the display resolution corresponding object relationship, now looks not so crowded (large projects, unfinished)

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Downloads: - Taiwan TOPO v2016.09.29 (for small screens)
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MOI.OSM.odc - Taiwan TOPO v2016.09.29 (for large screens)
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