GARMIN Japan hiking Topo map 10mt Plus V.3

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Topographic Features:
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The detailed topographic contour line data are made by Japan Geographical Survey Institute of Japan (Kokudo Chiri-in), Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
The contour lines switch among 1000m, 500m, 100m, 50m, and 10m interval depending on your GPS map display scale.
From the mountain range: about 1,500 mountain "mountain and plateau map" was recorded in 59 books recorded all of the mountain range
Map version: Shobunsha latest edition 2014, GSI 2014 latest map data use
Road information: recorded 1/25000 level detailed road information that can be used fully in the city
Digital data: the planar map data are provided separately from the digital elevation data, so it is also possible to check the height difference of the three-dimensional terrain shading display and route in the graph.
Course points: about 15,000 interval of reference Kosutaimu and about 14,000 places of Kosutaimu point / about 700 locations of the ridge name data
Campsite data: campsite data of about 3,400 locations (including the auto-camping-camp)
Hut data: about 17,000 sites search for summit data / about 3,300 places of hut, horse, dangerous place, attention point.
More info and screenshots:
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