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    Quote Originally Posted by tom1807 View Post
    (Size matters)
    Not according to a certain Barmaid at my local club ... but she does wink and nod towards the tip jar when she says that ....

    Quote Originally Posted by kravets View Post
    What pictures size should I use for 3597?
    To be honest, Tom's right and the Barmaid's wrong only when it comes to JCV picture size. Then again, the reciprocal is also true but only partly. That's because your 3597 is capable of displaying picture size up to 800x480 pixels [WxH] and is also capable of displaying in both portrait and landscape mode. Then again, the real bad news is at the base of this post if you have a US/EU firmware 3597.

    So, in landscape mode the full-screen JCV shows like this in my 3597 with AU CNNT map:

    VCJ 3597 Fullscreen Landscape Note the image seems cropped at the top to fit, but really the top banner is obscuring it. In a 7x5/1xxx or even a 37x0 it'd show like this:

    VCJ 1xxx Fullscreen

    When using the recommended split-screen it displays like this in landscape:

    VCJ 3597 Splitscreen Landscape As one would expect.

    When using the full-screen in portrait, this:

    VCJ 3597 Fullscreen Portrait Quite nice really.

    However, with split-screen in portrait, this:

    VCJ 3597 Splitscreen Portrait The last 2 are maybe not quite what you might expect.

    Those are the 'western-style' JCV of course which are different format to the Asian JCVs, so it would be interesting to see what results doing the same tests with this map and both JCV files in a unit capable of proper display of the Asian JCV format. The bad news and bottom line is that a US/EU firmware 3597 cannot display the Asian JCV files, even when they're patched there'll be a crash error: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ].
    New version posted here: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ].
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