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    Default Getting new maps on an ancient Nuvi 660

    I have here a Nuvi 660 Euro
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    which I got for free. It's old and the graphics look like they're from a Geocities website from the nineties, but it does actually work and navigate; I'd like to set it up in my car, so I can put on my motorcycle the smaller Nuvi I'm currently using in it. Problem is, the maps on the 660 are *very* old. I have here a set of 2016 Europe maps I downloaded the aforementioned other Nuvi, but they're in a gmapsupp.img file 3.30 gigabytes in size, and while the 660 does have a SD slot it doesn't seem to support SDHC cards, so it's limited to a maximum of 2 gigabytes.

    How do I get out of this situation? I'd really like to make use of this old thing.

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    You can use City Navigator Europe NT

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    with PC install without any restrictions on your device. You can load to device on SD only region with size limit in 2 gigabytes or combine this file with file in free memory on device for much coverage.

    This map work fine as in nineties and much better than new actual device
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fallingwater View Post
    .......... while the 660 does have a SD slot it doesn't seem to support SDHC cards, so it's limited to a maximum of 2 gigabytes.
    To be absolutely precise, unless it's firmware is as ancient as Giomen and myself, your nuvi 660 will read equally well any SDSC or SDHC, that means not only up to 2GB FAT16 SDs but also 4GB to 32GB FAT32 SDHCs. Where the confusion comes in is that sadly it's incapable of seeing any *.img file of 2GiB [gibibytes] or larger, i.e. it must be at least one byte less than 2GiB [max. 2,147,483,647 bytes] which is about 2.15 GB [gigabytes]. More detail here: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ].

    So, although you can't successfully split your present gmapsupp.img file and keep necessary search functions, you can do what our learned Russian friend has suggested and download the PC Install [or .gmap folder] map data then use [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] to put part of EU in the internal memory and part on a card as 2 separate img files. The one EU 6x0 i have is from the UK and it only has 415MiB of available internal memory some of which of course is taken up by the basemap and other essential files. Maybe other EU Continental regional versions, perhaps yours, have larger flash drives. Certainly the NA variants have 1.38GiB minimum and i think up to 1.85GiB for later productions. Read: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ], scroll down to "Have you downloaded a PC map version" and "Have you downloaded a Gmap folder" to start you off on how to do it.

    In essence, the problem is although your 660 can happily read FAT32 cards it's still stuck with the old 2GB FAT16 file size limit. One of Garmin's 1st year apprentice software developers could rewrite a few bytes of code into a new software version and fix the problem but i bet they never will do that, even though they did it for 2 series devices which came along only a little later than 6 series. Maybe it will be done by one of our Navigation Software Experts [oh look! there's one now..... ].
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