When "Pedestrian Walking" is selected as Routing Activity on my Oregon 600 or Etrex 30x, I get the message "Route Calculation Error" when trying to track 2 points on a trail on the City Navigator N America map, regardless of map version - either 2015.20 or 2017.10 - gmapprom.img or created by MapInstall.

It works fine on my NUVI 2575r on "Pedestrian" mode.

The units' firmware is not patched and is the latest version.

The trail I tried was the Mystic Valley Reservation trail, Somerville, MA. Have tried a few in the area but wouldn't work on the Oregon/Etrex, but works on Nuvi's Pedestrian mode.

Inexpicably, the Pedestrian/Walking mode works fine when tracking trails on the City Navigator Malaysia/Singapore map.

I get the same error on Samsung phone's StreetPilot 2.35