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    Default Nuvi 260: Joining 2 maps on an SD card

    I am considering using GMapTool to join together US NT and Europe NT maps on a single gmapsupp.img file, and storing the file on an SD card, to be used by a mature Nuvi 260.
    I have doubts about the feasibility of this endeavour, as the end file will be greater than 5GB and the SD card will have to be formatted NTFS.
    Will the 260 be able to cope with the task?

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    In your case the best way is to have two SD cards, one for every map, you can change SD whenever you need to. We are talking about dif continets, no reason to have both maps in the device at the same time.


    To answer the exact question, what you're thinking to do won't work.
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    Ellinas is correct. It won't work to join both countries' maps into one img file because it'll be over 4GiB [unless you only have a portion of one or both countries to keep the file size under 4GiB], and as stated there's no practical reason for wanting access to both countries' maps at the same time, although for a period Garmin offered 'trans-continental' models with both EU & NA mapping, that's some time back but not anymore [they came to their senses i reckon ]. However with recent firmware your 260 can have two maps on an SD card in Garmin folder, named gmapsupp.img and gmapsup1.img respectively. You'll need a minimum 8GB card for full EU & full NA maps. See: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] and [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]. However the heavy map data will probably slow the boot time because of 'loading maps' by the under-powered processor in the unit. Therefore it makes good practical sense to just use 2 SD cards as advised in above post.

    NB: nuvi units can't recognise NTFS format, only FAT16 & FAT32 in media cards. exFAT isn't seen either.
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