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    Default Can TYP File Interfere with Traffic Signal and Cause slow map redraw ?

    I have been using a custom TYP with City Navigator Southern Africa 2014.3 (Nuvi 3490)
    I used Gmaptool to replace the original TYP file with the new TYP File. (The Typ file worked properly and changed colors etc as expected)
    I have Noticed that the Traffic was Taking long to update and that map redraw/refresh was sluggish.
    Yesterday I went back to the original gmapprom.img issued by Garmin.
    Now traffic is fast to update and Map refresh is Normal again.
    Is it Possible for TYP file to cause the Slow traffic and slow Map ?
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    Maybe conflict with "map theme" take place? I wrote that in new devices the Garmin had deleted almost all sections in "map theme" files...
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    Hi dasilvarsa, I had the same problem when I used cgpsmapper to compile a new TYP file from an xpm/text file. With the original TYP file the map rendered was much quicker. I then used online ati.land.cz to build my custom TYP file and it did not impact rendering at all. Now that ati.land.cz is no longer available, I am using TYPWiz4. It does not seem to have any impact on the speed of rendering. It seems that if the original TYP file is modified at bit level i.e. not re-compiled, there is no effect on rendering. Also, the header in the TYP file is different for different maps. Using the "wrong" one may impact on rendering. May I suggest you report this phenomena to the developer of your TYP editor.

    I do not want to highjack your thread but, in the TYP files of the newer map sets I only find "extra labels data". No Polygon, Lines or Points info. Also the map displays with default appearance in MS & BC. How do these TYP files work? My custom TYP file has the desired effect.




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