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    I jsut managed to install 2.70 SG/MY firmware to my 255w EU, S board rev. 6 2GB following the procedure.

    In the process I did an unnecessary mistake: I converted it to a 2w and the HWID changed from 827 to 930

    However the firmware installed successfully... and i can report a couple of bugs:

    -Parts of the main interface are not translated and still showed in english (eg. the travel summary appearing on the left when you examinate the route step by step).

    -JCV doesn't work at all with my map set (city navigator europe NT 2013.30) - i am sure the files are correct, because in my others jcv-enabled garmin units, 1250 and 1440 they work like charms.

    Now the poin is.

    Whatever firmware I flash into the device, the device in the info tab and in the GarminDevice.xml shows up as a 2w

    Can we look for a solution to revert back from 2w to 255w?

    Googling the web for infos stated that "it is not possible" but if i'd know how that .rgn file changed the hwid from 827 to 930 i am sure i can compile a ".rgn" file that changes the HWID once again form 930 to 827. There is no "efuse" or similar on these units, bootloaders and rom can be rewritten in any moment,

    I saw that some members of this forum are expert at coding and in electronics, can we please work into making a file that restore the unit's ROM to it's original state?

    Thatnks Alot.

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    You've flashed the unit with full SG fw to Asian HWID of 0930 as you would be aware. Fortunately you don't have an S4 board or you would now have the 'white screen of death' and a unit only good for parts, irrecoverably bricked.

    Flash the full US/EU 0927 fw as out.rgn and the unit should return to original. Hard reset it before and after the flash.

    PS: Don't forget to remove or rename the asian voice and text files before flashing.
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