Hi folks,

This post is from a bunch of research on many web sites plus too many hours experimenting on my own. Hoping somebody might have some thoughts on a question I still have... (Junction view working in 2017.10 but not 2017.20???)

Apologies for not putting more effort into this, but hope it helps somebody avoid a lot of other research.

what's involved:
- 2011 Chrysler Town & Country MyGig Media Nav System 430n Mktg code RHB
- MyGig RHB/RBZ Software Update RHB-RBZ.33.02.01 (contains GPS update to 3.0)
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- [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

I had success updating past the 2014 maps by first installing the 33.02.01 MyGig software update. I did not have luck with any other update. 33.02.01 contains the v3.0 GPS Software update that appears to be required for newer maps. The Nav screen will look COMPLETELY different. I did the update from a USB drive; no cd was required. Unpacked the 33.02.01 zip file and copied the contents to the root of a freshly formatted fat32 usb drive. As noted in many other posts, the MyGig can be picky about the USB drive for updates. If yours isn't working, try another usb drive.

Most significant lesson learned in the MyGig Software update... There are long periods of waiting with NO screen updates to let you know what is going on. The following may not be the only way to do this, but it is the process I used which worked for me.
Turn the car on "Run" (not accessory) but do not start the engine.
Turn the radio OFF
Plug the USB drive into the USB port on the face plate of the head unit
Sit and wait... eventually, the head unit will display a prompt asking about updating hdd base files
Follow prompts and update as directed. i'll try to flesh out this part more later... for now, the point is to get the GPS software up to 3.0 for new maps

Updating the maps after GPS is at 3.0
Again... what worked for me. There certainly may be other successful methods.
Do not update the MyGig Software to any other version (no 50.00.07, no 50.01.01, had no luck with either.)
Freshly format a fat32 usb drive (probably need at least 4gb but may be good not to exceed 8gb to avoid any formatting issues)
Create "Garmin" directory in the root of the USB drive
Place 2017.10 "gmapprom.img" file in Garmin directory
Create "JCV" directory under "Garmin" directory
Place 2017.10 "D3060200A jcv" file in JCV directory

At some point in here you WILL be prompted for a license key to install the map. You'll want to find JetMouse and your unit ID to get the required key. There are other posts that cover all of that...
Stay with MyGig 33.02.01 to do the map updates.
Go to the main nav screen and Stop any route that may be running.
Plug in the USB thumb drive.
MyGig will switch to "Media" looking for music on the thumb drive and will report no files found... just wait.
MyGig will switch to Update Nav screen and display "Please Wait... Reading Files"...
Mine sat on this screen for over 15 minutes without any indication that anything was happening. Just keep waiting.
After about 20 minutes on that "please wait" screen, you get a prompt asking if you want to load the maps found on the thumb drive. Touch "Yes"
You are then told that this could take up to 2 HOURS and asking if you want to continue! They are not kidding. Touch "Yes"
You will then get a screen that actually shows you how many files will be copied and the progress in percent toward completion. Using a stop watch to time a 1 percent update, I calculated that my update would take about 70 minutes total to reach 100%. Your mileage may vary based on your USB drive and other unknown factors.
Your car may shut off after 30 minutes or so, but when you turn the car back on, the update will continue. If you cycle the power on the car pretty quickly, the percentage display just picks up where it left off.
If you are away from the car fro some longer, undetermined period of time, the unit may first come back to "Reading files, please wait" again, but after a few minutes, the percent complete screen will come back on and pick up where it left off.
Just keep waiting and check now and then that the unit is still on and working on the update. Do NOT remove the drive or touch any buttons on the head unit while the update is in progress. The only thing you need to do is use the ignition switch (key or button) as needed to keep the process going.
Eventually, you'll get the message "PND did not update" (because the gps software did not change); touch OK
Next you'll see "Map update was installed successfully"; touch OK
You'll be returned to the normal interface screens; remove the USB drive.

I hurried through this, so may have left out details that might be useful for folks who have zero experience with this. For those who have played with this before, I think I've included everything needed to get this to work. Hope it helps somebody.

One nagging problem for me...
2017.10 map and JCV file worked perfectly.
I then did another update to 2017.20 (didn't have to do them one after the other, I was testing some theories)
2017.20 updates all went fine and JCV file is installed (verified through engineering mode File options on GPS) but I'm not getting junction views in places where I did see them in the 2017.10 maps. Maybe they just don't have them now; I haven't done extensive testing yet to see if JCV doesn't show anywhere or just not where I have looked so far. Would very much appreciate any input from anybody who has confirmed working junction views on this 2011 430n RHB unit or any other thoughts on this. Again, everything working including the junction views with the 2017.10 maps/files.

Here are some pics of the progress to help clarify my mess above:

New 33.02.01 GPS Software 3.0 Nav Screen

Plugged the USB drive in at about 10:13... Sat here for around 20 minutes! Just WAIT!!!


Confirmation screen: This works for downreving maps, too... slightly different terminology.

Progress screens:

Letting you know the gps software wasn't updated (we already did that).

and finally...